Sunday, 25 March 2012

killin da time

Now i am facing da final exam for my first semester.
So, i was extreamly fcukin high stress rite now, bhahaha

in da time my colleagues studying n make some revision konon-konon nyer

while im doin such a NOTHING,such as :

+Chatting  (:
+listening fav songs * bak kate member lagu
+sleep more than 8Hours
+eating ice-cream..sluurppp..yummy2
+hav a ride at Kuala Kangsar
+im drawing (:
+checking my email
+and hav a snack
+and count some sheep on day day light
+and...count some stars in da dark night

+and i also make some frisky action in front of da cam..bahaha
*comel la konon2 nye 2

i think im quite handsome with da beard
dont u think so?

so u noe my WEIRD behavior now
whould u still wanna be my BOYRIEND?
bhahahah :p

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