Wednesday, 28 March 2012


2 days ago...i was given 2 pieces of tudung oleh seorang sahabat di campus

at first, i wanted la to buy dat hijab from her since i never seen she wearing dat hijab.
im willing to buy watever da hijab cost
sbb its seem da hijab is soooo suitable for me to wearing while im playing hockey petang2..
yea lah..tudung itu agak labuh...
so i hav 2 covered up my chest lah sbb i kan di kolej islam
tak manis la kalau TERPAMPANG an..i should respect others outlook jugak, since when ustaz2 pun ada turun main hockey jugak

so i was so surprised apabila she wanted 2 give me da tudung, even i said 2 her yg aku willing 2 pay u watever it cost...
aku sangat2 terkamjat time tuh...
n quite spechless lah...

thanks Atul (:
pu3 sangat2 hargai nye...

one of da hijab  (:

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