Saturday, 10 March 2012

wat?Avenged Sevenfold lives in Malaysia*fcuk


WHY now?
WHY after I was far from Kuala Lumpur
WHY not before or pre-previous year?
kenape skung?????

Time aku duk kat Jin betendang la korang nak bt concert an!!!

So depressing...
da ticket price is xoxo xpensive & beyond my capabilities as a student dat did not take any single edu loan
juz want to wait for da scholarship but still delayed.
saje tau..hurmmmm
im not xpect A7X will come as soon as this.

Well...everyone who watch da concert...pleaaaaze send a million kisses to M Shadow & Synyster Gates  <3

I migh be cry troughout da concert at da hostel alone...bahhaha


we leave da sadness for awhile & let the emotionally gettin ok!

I JUST WANTED TO SHARE WITH YOU one of my lovely stuff
dat i book solely in commemoration of death The Rev Sullivan, drummer A7X


im not sure whether to call diz a necklace or wat..
it has been booked at the Central Market, Kuala Lumpur in December 2010.

At dat time i was still studying at secondary school.
So I took a great pains to raise some money solely for craving da necklace.I was given a pocket money of RM10 per day by Mama. With dat money i keep it for two weeks.
So i went to book it lah, after all Central Market and the school just across the road only.

*pic taken after da gig..i seem to sweat

thanks kepada ini girl kerana bagi idea utk buat benda alah ni
this is Shira..shes is da xtreamly fcking fan of A7X..and she adoring Zacky Vangeance as rhythmic guitarist 

zacky vangeance

with this necklase i think would be enough to show dat dat I a fanaticism to the A7X because i am a MUSLIM who forbidden to adorn da tattoo on my body  (:

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